We have categorised our IFM solutions across 5 business sectors and dedicated verticals within each sector focusing on providing customised solutions as per the clients’ and industry needs and requirements. Each business vertical is led by dedicated Meem-FM professionals with relevant and specific industry experience.


We provide fully integrated solutions for educational institutions. Our teams, carefully manage schedules for preventative, reactive and daily services to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations.


MEEM FM provides a range of facilities services for secure government premises to public spaces. Our teams are trained to adhere to stringent security measures while ensuring that operations run smoothly. Catering, laundry and transport can be tailored to provide a full support solution.


Meem provides specialized services designed to meet SLAs and KPIs integral for healthcare facilities. Operational teams ensure optimal systems performance to prevent disruption of patient care and life-sustaining equipment.


MEEM FM provides self-delivered fully integrated facilities services to residential properties. Sustaining property value through well maintained assets and well presented premises powered by fully trained staff. Our services ensure tenants a quality life in an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe development.


MEEM FM provides commercial premises with integrated services delivering operational excellence and providing end users with a comfortable environment. Advanced FM teams ensure the optimal performance of assets whilst implementing strategies to achieve cost savings through operational efficiencies.

Mixed-Use Communities

Our mixed-use communities solutions are designed around operating hours, ensure service delivery is optimal for clients and end users. Where the environment and experience of end users are paramount, we provide services to ensure end users a memorable experience while they focus on their core business.


There’s no denying the retail industry is in a state of transformation, evolving in unprecedented fashion and adding the need for a shift in both basic and complex business practices in order to stay competitive We guarantee comprehensive care for all your technical, administrative and maintenance issues of your store.


The diverse nature, scale and complexity of industrial facilities is one of the biggest challenges in FM, especially in heavy manufacturing. Our approach unlocks value by optimising plant equipment and resources that ensure the productivity and availability of your assets.