Almass Plaza

A commercial and office center located in Riyadh on Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Street (TAHLIYAH). It includes 6 large shops on the ground floor, in addition...
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Alrabia Compound

Al Rabia Community (gated compound) is set in the sought after, aspired and quiet location in new Addereyyah district, north west of Riyadh City; near Hanifa...
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Deem Plaza

DEEM Plaza is located in Riyadh King Abdullah Road, contained one floor shops (Ground & Mezzanine) plus two typical floors for offices and basement floor for car parking


FUTURO Tower is located in the Riyadh in Al-Maather district, which includes 14 floors for offices and 3 floors for parking, which is a distinctive administrative...
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Joud Centre

Joud center is located in Riyadh Salah Ad Din Al Ayubi Road, contained six building each building contain Ground floor with shops and two typical floors as offices and basement floor for car parking.

Laam – Labor Camp, Staff Camp

One of the largest facilities management projects, which consists of a residential complex containing several buildings between housing Labors, staff, offices, Retail Center & Central Kitchen....
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MASIC Head Quarter

MASIC Headquarter is located in Riyadh Mecca road, contained 5 floors (1.5 basements, ground floor and two typical floors) for administration use

MEEM Plaza

MEEM Plaza is located in Riyadh cross of King Fahad Road with Prince Sultan Street, contained retail shops.


MEENA Gate is located in Dammam Al-Khaldiyah district, with 3 floors contained ground floor with 30 showrooms, two floors with 61 offices, 3 floors as a training center with workshop in the back, mosque and 2 building with 48 residential apartments.

Montijoon 1

(Montijoon ) is located in the third industrial area which belongsto the industrial property authority (MODON) , and consists of 72 factories on 88,000 square meter...
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